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ETEE project on the Innovation Drift

By Junho 21, 2019 No Comments

Innovation drift attracts many innovators, who are keen on presenting their innovations but also learning about colleagues’ work. Vilnius University took part in this event to present its offers to business and innovations, such as a human-robot that was empowered by Lithuanian speech supported mobile services system (LIEPA-2) to talk with attendees. Moreover, VU presented the determination of three–dimensional protein structure by X-ray crystallography as well as a smart illumination device for the research and prosecution of photochemical and photobiological reactions. Next to these innovations, ETEE project was presented to attendees of the Innovation Drift, 2019: the brochure and programme outline were shared with the participants.


Innovation Drift is an inspiring event with a full programme of famous and successful speakers and many stands representing different innovations. ETEE programme was well received especially by academics, who were present in this event. They understood the value of this programme that could help them to enhance their own skills and the subjects they are teaching. Know more about the event here.

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