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ETEE Pilot in London!

By Junho 4, 2019 No Comments

It has taken a week to recover after piloting ETEE in London, but it was incredibly worthwhile and positive. The pilot involved participants from all over the country, representing many different organisations and different types of organisations, and also consisted of individuals with vastly different experience and expertise – in short, we had the ideal group for piloting the course, and they turned up ready and willing.

The course ran over three very full days at LSBU and worked through the nine modules alongside the full development of the ETEE Canvas. We learnt a few very important things, firstly: the course and the content is really useful, fulfills a need, and its delivery works well. Good news.

Almost more importantly we have gathered directly from participants and from the range of facilitators who led the sessions a huge amount of really useful feedback as to how we can improve the course.

In the coming weeks, we will have the second pilot in Vilnius. If similar to London it will end with everybody full of energy and really engaged to produce the final enhanced version of ETEE. Watch this space.

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