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Do you want to be great educator? Try the enterprise and entrepreneurial way!

By Junho 27, 2018 No Comments

On the 13th of June 2018, the ETEE project has featured as a workshop at London South Bank University Staff Conference. The focus of the Conference was the personal and professional development of LSBU staff: therefore the design and development of an Entrepreneurial Training for Enterprise Educators was a perfect fit!

Our ETEE experts, Professor and Enterprise Champion Safia Barikzai and Linsey Cole, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Associate Director, delivered together with a presentation to LSBU staff about the support and resources available to help them to develop as enterprise educators.

The workshop focused on the resources and tools that can support Academics and Professional Staff to do this, including online resources, networks and the new training programme being developed for educators through ETEE.

The session showcased how staff have engaged previously and used examples from different Schools in order to inspire academics to consider embedding enterprise in their practice and to signing up for more information about ETEE.

As part of the workshop, the participants took part in a co-creation exercise to support the development of the ETEE Training Programme. They were divided into groups and asked to answer the question “What should the ETEE training programme look like?”, by writing their thoughts on flip charts on the following features:

  • Format: mode of delivery; length
  • Content: what do you want to know/learn?
  • Facilitators: Who? Skills / Qualities?
  • Cohort: size; who; mixed or single HE?

The workshop provided interesting material that will be used by the ETEE team of experts to develop the Outline of the ETEE Training Programme (Intellectual Output 2). Soon we will provide more information!

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