Within the objective to reflect on the needs of Enterprise Educators and provide a high-quality training programme, the five partners of the project will develop the following activities and results:

IO1 – Best Practice Report (Dec/17 – July/18) – The report will be built around best practice in developing enterprise and entrepreneurship education skills and programmes from all over Europe and will include materials, toolkits, resources, research and training programmes that currently exist and contribute to the goals of ETEE in some context.

IO2 – ETEE Programme Outline (May/18 – Sept/18) – This will contain the breakdown of the Programme into different levels, the main components of each level, the user experience journey and the deliverables for participants. Using this outline, we will consult with stakeholders within HEIs and the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem to gather feedback.

IO3 – ETEE Training Programme (Oct/18 – July/19) – the output that we have defined as an appropriate and effective response to the need identified. It will be a training programme aimed at enterprise educators: academics involved in enterprise, professional service staff who deliver extra-curricular activities in HEIs, staff working in the VET providers, and staff in relevant external organisations (enterprise support, start-ups etc.). It will be informed and guided by these users, but also by those that the users aim to benefit, namely entrepreneurs, students interested in enterprise and stakeholders in the university entrepreneurial ecosystem.

IO4 – ETEE Trainers Pack (Nov/18 – July/19) – This document will include rich content and materials as well as instructions, guidelines, background and suggestions to enable a trainer to deliver the Training Programme independently.